About Me

I work with communities and organisations to produce public artworks based on connections with place. I work in sound, using a range of sources, from interview and performance, field recording, found sound, created foley and sound fx. Past works have used recorded first hand accounts and stories, field recordings and foley, sometimes with live miked audio, in sound installations, listening walks, live performance and radio programmes.

Work is based on contextual and historical research, about people’s connections to a place or event, and focused around their lived experience and stories. My work celebrates the voice, its ability to hold us in the present moment yet transport us elsewhere, through reverie and the imagination. Where possible, I look to share outcomes and works with the wider community often as part of collaborative celebratory events,¬†serving as a platform for a diverse mix of voices of a much wider narrative.

Other projects have brought art into the city and community, working with creative producers and local residents to create festivals and public art events, celebrating community and urban space.

Lucie lives and works in Glasgow.

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